Previous meeting topics

Listing below a random selection of topics covered at meetings

Case Studies

Deployment of a Corporate Finance System.

Supporting Multiple EDMS & Business Processes.

Experience in implementing Business Intelligence Systems.

Better business outcomes through advanced military war-game simulation.

Portfolio content, strategy and performance.

SAP MRP2 Learning’s.

Integrating business partners.

Experiences with a data centre move to a co-located facility. 

 Best Practice

The Connected Field Force and future developments?

Views from a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Demand Management and IT Governance.

Information Governance Strategy Briefing.

Forensically managing an environment where an extremely large volume of data is involved.

Collaborative planning as a mechanism to improve business performance.

Good Practice in delivering IT Service.


The BBC's Olympics 2012 Programmes and On-Demand IT.

New breed of outsourcing agreements based on desired outcome.

A multi-supplier sourcing arrangement.

‘The Unipart Way’ operating model.

Running IT in a lean business.

‘Virtualised Desktop Environment’ The Enterprise Benefits and Challenges.

Industry Transformation Candidates

Social Media and Online Reputation Management.

Google offering a new paradigm in IT?

Innovations in Archiving.

Flexible resourcing.

Cost By Service: Cost Modelling at the IT Service Level.

Agile system/Rapid Deployment approaches and experiences.

Corporate Social Media and Analytics trends.

Open Floor Discussions

Practical ways of Profiting from IT/IS's unique views of the business.

Finding business process and commercially aware IT/IS professionals.

Simplifying ERP. Can you and should you?

How much is enough IT expenditure in a lean or even malnourished environment.

IT/IS role in underpinning global operational efficiency.

The Process Improvement Journey


A useful outsourcing checklist

Global Project/portfolio governance frameworks and organizational structures

Factors that Make IT Organisations Agile